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Did You Have To?

Jul 5, 2020

While we love to talk about Shonen protagonists as heroes, one character types needs more love: the himbo. Given the resurgence of himbo discourse on Twitter, Kate and LaNeysha dedicate an entire episode to talking about their favorites himbos in anime. From Son Goku to Jonathon Jostar and Sonosuke Sagara, the women discuss their faves and situate discuss what makes each one a himbo. But wait, this isn't just the normal thirst podcast you'd expect as the women dive into how the trope redefines hyper-masculinity and how these big beefy boys subvert expectations as characters. We discuss the definition of himbo and how its evolved to mean so much more to fans of characters who aren't unintelligent, but rather emotionally aware, loyal, and gullible and what those traits mean to storytelling.