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Did You Have To?

Mar 11, 2021

Episode 54: We Gotta Talk About Blue Flag is sponsored by Yaoi Crate, a BL subscription box offering exclusive items from merch and manga to doujin. Order your November box today at

This week, we finally get to talk about our favorite shounen-ai: Blue Flag. In this episode we talk about the romance of the series, how it captures the authentic and messy relationships of high school life, and ultimately how shonen-ai series like Blue Flag can open the conversation for those learning their sexuality. While we've talked a lot about yaoi as a genre, the queer romances often highlighted in those manga are explicit in nature and tend to get shoved into the back of the manga section. But with shounen-ai being distributed through a major publisher like VIZ Media and available on the Shonen Jump app, like Blue Flag, there is an ease of access that can help many looking to see themselves in the medium.